Muhammad Farooq Rehmani elected convener of APHC-AJK

July 16, 2021 Leave a comment

Islamabad, July 15: The All Parties Hurriyat Conference Azad Jammu and Kashmir (APHC-AJK) chapter at a meeting held in Islamabad, today, unanimously elected Muhammad Farooq Rehmani as the new Convener.

On the occasion, Abdul Majeed Mir and Nazir Ahmad Karnai were elected General Secretary and Information Secretary respectively.

All members of the Executive Council assured the new office holders of their full cooperation and support in their efforts to serve the Kashmir cause.

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PFL General Secretary – Asthma Sufferer

May 16, 2019 1 comment

Islamabad, May 16 (PR): The Chairman of the J&K People’s Freedom League and former Convener APHC Azad Jammu and Kashmir , Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has expressed grave concern over deteriorating health condition of his party General Secretary, Muhammad Ramzan Khan who is suffering from acute Asthma for the last several months because of the unhigienic conditions in his place of detention during last one year.

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جموں و کشمیر پیپلز فریڈم لیگ کے وفد کا پامپور میں محمد امین میر شہید کے گھر جاکر خراج عقیدت

November 2, 2018 Leave a comment

جموں و کشمیر پیپلز فریڈم لیگ کے وفد کا پامپور میں محمد امین میر شہید کے گھر جاکر خراج عقیدت

سرینگرنومبر 2( پ ر) جموں وکشمیر پیپلز فریڈم لیگ کا ایک وفد جس میں چیف آرگنائزر امتیاز شاہ، سینئر رکن ارشد عزیز اور مشتاق احمد شامل تھے آ ج شہید نوجوان محمد امین میر کے گھرگئے جہاں انہیں نے ان کے گھر والوں سے تعزیت کی اور ان کی قربانیوں کو خراج تحسین پیش کیا۔ محمد امین میر گذشتہ روز بڈگام کے ایک گاؤں میں قابض فوجیوں کے ساتھ ایک مقابلہ آرائی کے دوران ایک اور ساتھی کے ہمراہ شہید ہو تے تھے۔اس موقعہ پر پیپلز فریڈم لیگ کے لیڈروں امتیاز شاہ اور ارشد عزیز نے شرکا سے خطاب کر تے ہو ئے کہا کہ کیا وجہ ہے کہ پی ایچ ڈی سکالرس بندوق اُٹھانے پر مجبور ہورہے ہیں کیونکہ ہندوستان اپنا کیا ہوا وعدہ پورا نہیں کر رہا ہے جس کا وعدہ ان کے آنجہانی وزیر اعظم پنڈت جواہر لال نہرو نے کیا تھا۔انہوں کہا کہ ہمارے نوجوانوں کو بندوق اُٹھانے پر مجبور کیا گیا ان پر ظلم ستم ڈھائے جارہے ہیں۔ ہر ایک کشمیر ی ہندوستانی فوج کے نا قابل برداشت ظلم وستم کی چکی میں پسا جارہا ہے۔یہاں کے نوجوانوں کو دیوار سے لگا گیا ہے ان کو آزادی کے لیے سارے پر امن راستے بند کئے گئے ہیں ورنہ کشمیر ی نوجوانوں کو بندوق کا کو ئی شوق نہیں ہے کہ وہ پی ایچ کی ڈگریاں حاصل کر کے پھر بندوق اُٹھا ئیں۔ انہوں نے ہندواڑہ اور بڈگام کے شہدا کو بھی خراج عقیدت اور سلا م پیش کیا جو گذشتہ روز اور آج شہید ہو گئے ہیں۔ انہوں نے کہاکہ ہر دن کشمیر میں جنازے ہوتے ہیں جس کا بیرونی دنیا کو احساس کر نا چاہیئے اور بھارت کی کشمیریوں کی نسل کشی کی مہم کو روکنا چا ہیئے۔

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Check this out: ‘Kashmir Global » News opinion features on Kashmir Issue.’

February 12, 2018 1 comment

Check this out: ‘Kashmir Global » News opinion features on Kashmir Issue.’ –!@G9@yK

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Thousands attend funeral of boy in Shopian Kashmir

February 1, 2018 Leave a comment

SRINAGAR: Thousands of people participated in the funeral prayers of a 10-year-old boy, Musharraf Fayaz Najar, in Datmudoor area of Shopian, today, amid pro-freedom and anti-India slogans. At least two rounds of funeral prayers were held to accommodate huge rush of mourners.

Musharraf Fayaz was critically injured on January 25 after a shell exploded when the people were clearing the debris of a house destroyed by Indian troops with mortar shells and

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Protests in Mattan after army allegedly vandalises property, thrashes residents

September 15, 2017 1 comment

Reports said that army men allegedly beat up the residents and vandalized property during a search operation last night in Tikibagh Kralpora.
Khalid Gul(GK)
Anantnag: Protests broke out in Mattan area of Anantnag district in south Kashmir on Friday against alleged ransacking of property and thrashing of locals by army during a search operation.
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Top militant leader Sabzar dies fighting Indian forces in Kashmir 

May 27, 2017 Leave a comment
Top militant leader Sabzar dies 
fighting Indian forces in Kashmir 
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Lives half-lived: The hidden cost of Kashmir conflict

April 13, 2017 Leave a comment

MUZAFFARABAD (AFP): Muhammad Ashraf´s eyes fill with tears, overwhelmed by grief and joy all at once, as he recounts being reunited with his family 26 years after they were torn apart by insurgency in Indian-held Kashmir.
“My son was 12 years old when we separated. Now my grandson is 16,” he told AFP of his odyssey to see his loved ones again, bittersweet for its brevity and because it lay bare how much he missed out on.

In 1990 Ashraf was serving with Indian security forces far from his family´s village, in Indian-held Kashmir near Pakistani territory, as a violent insurgency against New Delhi gathered pace.

By October that year, amid reports of mass detentions and widespread torture as authorities tried to crack down on freedom fighters, Ashraf´s family fled in fear.

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Farooq Rehmani pays tribute to Shaheed Yousuf Zangi; urges India to stop pursuing anti-Kashmir agenda

January 23, 2017 Leave a comment

Srinagar, January 22: The Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has urged India to desist from changing the demographic composition of Jammu and Kashmir, perp…

Source: Farooq Rehmani pays tribute to Shaheed Yousuf Zangi; urges India to stop pursuing anti-Kashmir agenda

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Portrait of a Kashmiri woman — Joshi Daniel Photography

September 3, 2016 Leave a comment

If you would like to buy a print of any of the images, get in touch with me here.

via Portrait of a Kashmiri woman — Joshi Daniel Photography

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