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India-Pak to freeze Kashmir for 10 years:Huriyat in loop

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By Rashid Ahmad | The Honour Magazine2/22/2012 7:28:16
Srinagar: India and Pakistan are working on a peace plan on Kashmir through back-channel peace actors to defrost their relations. The peace plan however is more like providing a ‘safe and respectable’ passage to all the three parties—Kashmiri people, India and Pakistan—from the quagmire they have been caught in. The moderate faction of the Huriyat Conference is reported to have Okayed the plan.

The Huriyat chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is presently in Delhi to inform Pakistan High Commissioner Shahid Malik and other Delhi-based go-betweens of the Huriyat response to the peace plan. Sources in the Huriyat said that Shabir Shah was also supposed to accompany Mirwaiz in Delhi. He however could not go due to some pre-occupation. Shah is likely to join Mirwaiz by this week-end.

Sources say that the proposed peace plan does not offer any solution to the issue of Kashmir. It rather suggests to pushing the key issue to the back-burner for a selected period of time during which some big pro Kashmir Confidence Building Measures (CBM) would be taken by New Delhi to bridge its gulf with Srinagar. “It is planned to freeze Kashmir issue for 10 years”, said a source. “There would be a lot of activity on economic and political front during this period, both from India and Pakistan side”, he said.

Available details said that the peace plan envisages a massive economic and employment package for Kashmiris to boost their economy, which has suffered critically in the past years of trouble. The laws giving special powers to security forces would also be withdrawn under the peace move.  Softening of borders and LOC, allowing free trade and movement of the people are other major highlights of the peace plan.

Sources said that New Delhi and Islamabad have in principle agreed on the plan. That was all the more evident when Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, last week, said that back channel diplomacy between India and Pakistan was working well.

Observers view the latest warmth in Indo-Pak relations against the backdrop of the success in the track-II diplomacy. Over the past some time India and Pakistan appear to have moved beyond the low point of the Mumbai attack in rebuilding their diplomatic and trade relations. Pakistan has granted India most favoured nation status. Last week some 150 of India’s top corporate leaders led by Commerce Minister Anand Sharma, visited Pakistan that has paved the way for taking major ‘confidence building’ initiatives on various fronts, including trade, banking, foreign direct investment and easing of visa restrictions in the next few months, which can take the economic and political engagement to a new level.

Sources said that Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was briefed of the peace plan by various Pakistani officials and Delhi-based go-betweens during his recent foreign trip. He however had to face ire from a section of Huriyat leadership for his “one-upmanship” when he shared it in the amalgam’s executive meeting, last week. Sources say that Mirwaiz later called Shabir Shah for a separate one-to-one meeting at his Nigeen residence to iron out differences and take a united stand on the proposed peace plan. “Inclusion of Shabir Shah to Delhi trip is a bid on the part of Mirwaiz to build consensus in the Huriyat”, says a source. Bilal Gani Lone and Professor Abdul Gani Butt are reported to have favoured Shabir Shah’s inclusion in Delhi trip.

Mirwaiz left for Delhi on Saturday at the call of Pakistan High Commissioner to inform him the joint response of the amalgam to the proposed peace plan. Sources say Mirwaiz had a series of meetings with Pakistan High Commissioner and other officials over the past three days and discussed the proposed peace plan. The Huriyat chairman is reported to have met with the members of Indian back channel diplomacy. Mirwaiz is likely to stay in Delhi for over a week. He would address a congregation at Delhi’s Jamia Masjid on Friday.

The Huriyat sources privy to the plan believe that after 10 year of freeze, Kashmir issue would again catch the centre-stage and would be decided according the situation that would have developed by then.  (To be concluded)
Main highlights of the peace plan

Freezing Kashmir issue for 10 years

•         Withdrawal of special laws including AFSPA and PSA

•         Massive employment and economic package to Kashmiri youth to boost the economy of Kashmiri people

•         Softening of borders between India and Pakistan and Line of Control

•         Opening up new cross LOC points, softening of restrictions on peoples’ movement on both sides of Kashmir

•         Allowing free trade in the region

•         Softening of Visa regime between the two countries

•         Opening of banks In Islamabad and Delhi to facilitate traders

•         Taking up Kashmir issue after freeze-period for final solution

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