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UN special Rapporteur in Kashmir

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UN special Rapporteur in Kashmir

Srinagar:The United Nations’ Special Rapporteur, Christof Heyns, along with his team members, address a press conference in Kashmir on Monday (March 26) to examine situation of extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. Photo Credit Demotix FAISAL KHAN

Kashmir: Cyclonic storm kills 1, injures 17, damages 8852 structures

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Kashmir wind storm damaged Srinagar cyclone killed

Kashmir wind storm damaged structures.

Srinagar 20 March: A cyclonic wind storm, which started on Monday afternoon with an average speed of 24.7 knots and reached maximum speed of 40 knots continued to lash Valley on Tuesday, officials said. They said the minimum temperature increased by 12 degrees above normal, due to steep pressure gradient over the Valley causing a wind storm, which resulted in damage to properties, in the Valley. One person Muhammad Maqbool Magray son of Muhammad Ramzan of Kachnambal, Kangan died when a branch of Chinar tree fell on him. Due to gusty winds many tourist were evacuated from Dal lake to the shore, for their safety and accommodated in alternate hotels by the QRT of State Disaster Response Force (SDRF). Read more…

Worlds First Cloned Pashmina Goat born on March 9,2012 in Kashmir

March 16, 2012 2 comments
"Dr Shah holds Noori, a cloned Pashmina goat at SKUAST in Shuhama"

Dr Riaz Ahmad Shah holds Noori, a cloned Pashmina goat, at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SKUAST), in Shuhama, 25 km (16 miles) east of Srinagar March 15, 2012. Noori who weighed 1.3 kg (2.9 lb) at birth on March 9, 2012 is the world's first cloned Pashmina goat and is doing well so far, said Dr Shah, who heads the project at SKUAST. Pashmina goats, which grow a thick warm fleece, survive on grass in Ladakh where temperatures plunge to as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit). REUTERS/Fayaz Kabli (INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR -

Kashmir scientists clone rare cashmere goat

March 16, 2012 1 comment
India Kashmir Cloned Goat

Noori, a cloned pashmina goat, stands near her surrogate mother inside a sheep breeding center at Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology in Alastang, some 25 Kilometers from Srinagar, India, Wednesday, March 14, 2012. Scientists at the university successfully cloned the world's first pashmina goat, prized for its fine wool, according to news reports. (AP Photo/ Dar Yasin)

Lashkar suspect’s mother: Duo innocent

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March 2, 2012 By YUSUF JAMEEL            
The two suspected Lashkar-e-Tayyaba operatives whose claimed arrest from Tughlaqabad Extension in South Delhi was described by Union home minister P. Chidamabaram as “a very important breakthrough” and had complimented the security agencies for it have been identified. They are Tauseef Ahmed Pir and his cousin Ahtisham Ahmed Malik, both residents of Sopore, a town 48-km northwest of Srinagar.

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Kashmir Uprising- Coverage on Kashmir Freedom Struggle


Srinagar: The family of Tauseef Ahmad Peer, the third suspected LeT operative arrested in Jharkhand after an aborted terror plot in Delhi, on Thursday claimed he is innocent” and not involved in terror activities.

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Jammu and Kashmir People's Freedom League

"Women Cover with Veil - clashes between muslim and west"By- Muhammad Farooq Rehmani
The political differences between the Western rulers and the Muslim world have reached a new climax, characterized by the Islamophobia of the West. Thus Muslims all over the world are subjected to severe trauma and punishments meant to break their strong nerves of determination. Unfortunately many Muslim rulers play in the hands of West’s rulers to impose the imperialistic road-map on the Islamic world. All individual or group-attempts of desecration and brutalities against the Islam and its followers can’t be read in isolation, and the covert support of the West or anti-Islam rulers can’t be ruled out or ignored.
A couple of years back, the cold-blooded murder of a veil-wearing Muslim woman and her husband in Germany, ban on face veils in France first of its nature in Europe(April 2011), desecration of Quran by burning in Florida America in April 2011 by a US fundamentalist Pastor…

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Track 2 door opens again

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PranabDhalSamanta Posted: Feb 26, 2012 at 0133 hrs
New Delhi India has resumed its backchannel conversation with Pakistan. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave the go-ahead to reactivate the process after repeated requests from Islamabad.The two envoys, India’s Satinder Lambah and former Pakistan foreign secretary Riaz Mohammed Khan, have been in touch over the past few months and have also met once. They will primarily address the issue of Kashmir, while also discussing other problems affecting the bilateral relationship. Read more…
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