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"Women Cover with Veil - clashes between muslim and west"By- Muhammad Farooq Rehmani
The political differences between the Western rulers and the Muslim world have reached a new climax, characterized by the Islamophobia of the West. Thus Muslims all over the world are subjected to severe trauma and punishments meant to break their strong nerves of determination. Unfortunately many Muslim rulers play in the hands of West’s rulers to impose the imperialistic road-map on the Islamic world. All individual or group-attempts of desecration and brutalities against the Islam and its followers can’t be read in isolation, and the covert support of the West or anti-Islam rulers can’t be ruled out or ignored.
A couple of years back, the cold-blooded murder of a veil-wearing Muslim woman and her husband in Germany, ban on face veils in France first of its nature in Europe(April 2011), desecration of Quran by burning in Florida America in April 2011 by a US fundamentalist Pastor…

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