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Renowned Kashmiri Poet Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor

Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor,Kashmiri,poet,

Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor Kashmiri Poet.

9 April 2012 Islamabad:
The 60th death anniversary of renowned Kashmiri poet Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor was bserved on Monday
Radio Pakistan broadcast programmes to pay tribute to Ahmed Mahjoor on his death anniversary.

Ghulam Ahmad Mahjoor has a place of honor among the poets of Kashmir. He is especially noted for two things. First‚ he introduced a new style into Kashmiri poetry. Second‚ he introduced a new thought into Kashmiri poetry.
Being a revolutionary as well as freedom lover poet‚ his association with Radio Pakistan was very strong. Being a newly born state Pakistan was facing lot of political as well as economical problems and that was the hard time when Pakistan along-with Radio Pakistan was engaged to extend diplomatic‚ political and moral support to Kashmir Freedom Movement‚ the indigenous movement of Kashmiri People.
Mahjoor’s poetry was a regular component of everyday broadcast of Radio Pakistan to awaken the Kashmiri People for their right to self-determination. In this way Mahjoor was the soldier who was struggling for freedom of Kashmir on the broadcast front of Kashmir Movement.
Mahjoor wrote poems of freedom and progress in Kashmiri. These songs awakened the sleeping Kashmiris. He came with a new voice and a new (literary) form.

Mahjoor was a poet of love and communal harmony. In his earlier days‚ he used to write only love poetry‚ but (later) he also wrote forceful poems about freedom.

Mahjoor’s real name was Ghulam Ahmad. But as a poet‚ he adopted the pen name ‘Mahjoor’. He was born in eighteen hundred and eighty-five in Metragam. He has written poetry in Persian and Urdu as well.

Arise‚ O Gardener!
(volo ha baaghvaano……. )
Arise‚ O Gardener! And usher in the glory of a new spring.
Create conditions for ‘bulbuls’ (a type of bird) to
Hover over full-blown roses.
Dew bemoans the garden’s desolation.
Harassed roses have torn their garments.
Infuse New life into flowers and ‘bulbuls’.
Root out the stringing nettle from The garden; it will harm flowers.
Wave after wave of hyacinths are coming‚ let them laugh.
Total immersion in the love of the motherland behooves man.
If you create this faith‚ surely you shall attain your goal.
Who will free you‚ O ‘bulbul’‚ While you bewail in the cage?
With your hands‚ work out your own salvation.
Power and pelf‚ bounties and royal grandeur are all
Within your reach and grasp.
You have only to identify them.
In the garden many birds sing but their notes are varied.
May God harmonize these into one effective melody.
If you must awaken this rosy habitat‚ give up the harp.
Bring about earthquakes and thunder‚ raise a tempest.
Kashmiris’ fame will again spread in the world if you
Create luminaries like Tazi Bhat‚ Lalitaditya and Mubarak Khan.
Official writs will again run at your will in case you
Produce a peer of Zia Bhan in this modern age.
Litterateurs of Iran will bow to you in reverence if you
Create a poet with powers of magical narration like Ghani.
O Mahjoor! You created roses in the field of poetry.
Now make a wailing ‘bulbul’ too in this colourful garden.

(Azaadi . . . )
O bulbul‚ let the freedom urge possess your soul !
Bid good bye to your cage‚ step out‚
Gather your flowers and enjoy their bloom !
Speak out bold and clear. Your voice
Need not falter with fear
As when you sang within your cage.
In bondage‚ they served you ample food.
Now gather in the fields what grain you can‚
And see how sweet is food in freedom !
Though unfreedom made you stammer‚
Your call enchanted the birds of the air‚
For it was born of love.
You can’t remain with folded wings !
Plume them‚ fly and see the world.
See flowers now with eyes of freedom.
You don’t know the latest about the garden !
Forget about the past; sing new songs now
Mahjoor‚ throw away this belt of bondage !
From now‚ you are free as a bird.
Your heart commands‚ your voice obeys !
With Mahjoor’s death in April 1952‚ ended the romantic era in Kashmiri literature. Undoubtedly the greatest and most popular poet of Kashmir‚ he inspired generations of men and women with his sweet strains‚ composed in the people’s language and using their idiom and diction. He is aptly called the poet of New Kashmir.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 1, 2012 at 10:41 am

    It is magnificent but i would lieke to have in the original langueage: volo ha baaghvaano…….
    Thank you

  2. vijay trisal
    February 26, 2014 at 3:52 am

    I can recite the original
    This is a good translation
    Would like to connect

  3. Parul
    September 2, 2016 at 6:55 am

    Can someone send me the original poem fussy bird by mahajoor.

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