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Kashmir’s reputation as an idyllic vale has taken a battering over decades of separatist insurgency and brutal crackdowns by the Indian military. But, while tensions remain and the quest for justice continues, tourists are flooding back


The Saturday crowd at the Gulmarg gondola is a frenetic throng of saddled horses, kulfi stands, groups of students and camera-wielding teenagers. Most of the day-trippers eschew the option to ascend from the Kashmiri hamlet of Gulmarg by foot or horse, preferring instead to buy a ride on the wire to the electric green fields of the Khilanmarg plateau in the Himalayan Pir Panjal range. The metal pods sweep a steady flow of tourists over the tall pines and purple lupine, occasionally swaying to a halt that elicits whoops and whistles from the giddy passengers suspended hundreds of feet in the fresh mountain air.

Tourism is Kashmir is back in full swing, with visitors fleeing to the high valley to escape summer’s heat as a semblance of peace — or at least, less violence — has gingerly settled over these lakes and mountains. Indian operators in high-altitude getaways outside Kashmir…

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“Kashmir’s Torture Trail” Film by UK TV Channel 4

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This documentary shows how Indian armed forces have used torture, rape & molestation of women as a weapon against the people of Kashmir. A must watch documentary for those who want to know truth about the dark side of so called biggest democracy of the world “India”.

Indian Madness in Kashmir from a ali on Vimeo.

Shikhara Ride at Dal Lake, Srinagar, India

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