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Guest post byABHIJIT DUTTA; all photographs by the author unless otherwise mentioned

1-kunan 4

It looks like any other village in Kashmir.

You go past a wooden bridge, past open fields winter-barren and wet with rain. Past mountains with snow on their chin. Past wistful looking poplars. Past a brook with clear water. Past grumpy apple trees gnarled like a grinch.

Then the road narrows, and homes – of timber and brick – come into view. Some have fences, unpainted wood. Heaps of hay, dung cakes, piles of dried leaves left to smoke. Ditches and dykes choked with snowmelt. Leafless walnut trees and brunette willows. The chinars, wild redheads just months ago, now old and arthritic. There is a government school on the right, a madrassa on the left. A few houses of stone, fewer of concrete, tin roofs over all.

Before you walk any further, the village ends. The…

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Bandipora (Khuihome) Kashmir

Baba-e-Scouts Kashmir Ahmadullah Affandi-The Legend Afandi -Before 1947, partition India-Pakistan he also served as teacher in Azad Kashmir,Gilgit,Astore and Sakardo also.Kashmir Diaries 18-02-2013

A Legend Departs: Ahmadullah Affandi

Diaries in Project KHUIHOME

Ahmadullah Afandi – For the past six decades Mr Affandi has been upholding the spirit and principles laid down by Lord Baden-Powell, the pioneer chief of scouting.
He lived in wonagam – a village in Khuihome Bandipore, he lead a life of hectic activity and service based on the principles of scouting, which he haD nourished for the past six decades.

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Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

NEW : Tahrir, How to deal with tear gas

Including Comparision Tables for treatment 

The article of in the link is being updated round the clock as events progress. Please visit the weblog/article again!

NEW : Violent Protest Tactical Guide – Defence Essentials

Article by @AmrBassiouny his post goes through how to prepare and protect yourself from attacks by the Central Security Forces (CSF) and the Military forces, as each uses different weapons and strategies.


Important: In case of CR Gas do not use water to rinse but milk!

Tear Gas Dibenzoxazepine | CR GAS

Chemical weaponry was first used in the United States in the Civil War at the siege of Charleston. Wood was saturated with sulphur and burned under the parapets around the city hoping that favorable winds would propel huge clouds of choking smoke to drive out the…

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This letter, signed by 202 citizens whose names are given at the end, has been put out by theJAMIA TEACHERS SOLIDARITY ASSOCIATION

The Hon’ble President of India

Respected Sir,

We write to you in deep anguish, despair but in outrage as well. Afzal Guru was hanged on Saturday (9th February 2013) in secrecy. We have been told – after the hanging – that you rejected the mercy petition filed by Guru’s wife Tabassum, on 3rd February. We believe that you made a grave error in rejecting the mercy petition. If you had perused the trial records and the lengthy documentation put together over the years by lawyers and civil rights activists, or even the Supreme Court judgement which sentenced Afzal to death, you would have known, that his guilt was never established beyond reasonable doubt. The fact that the Court appointed as amicus curiae (friend of the court)…

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Nineteen. Forty. Seven

I am Kashmir,
I am under curfew,
My children – encaged,
The soil of my earth,
Is slowly staining crimson,
The rivers of my valleys – turning red.

I am Kashmir,
Nobody remembers me,
I am slowly starving,
No medicine, no food – no aid,
I cannot leave my home,
With the fear of being shot,
I cannot ask for help,
For communication was stolen,
My phone – useless,
The internet  – down.

I am Kashmir,
My blood isn’t red,
It cannot be,
If it was I would feel your sympathy,
Heavy on your chest,
Weighing down your conscience,
But it’s not,
So I mustn’t bleed.

I am Kashmir,
The heaven bound within hell,
The occupied land,
Trampled by the state sponsored terrorists,
of India,
The child engulfed by pain,
Wishing for a freedom I am yet to taste,
I am a man,
Without my grave named,
I am a…

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Rivers of Hope

  • An Indian policeman patrols a deserted road during restriction in Srinagar February 9, 2013. India has executed a Kashmiri militant who was sentenced to death 10 years ago for an attack on the Indian parliament in 2001, a senior interior ministry official said on Saturday. The country's president rejected a mercy petition from Mohammad Afzal Guru and he was hung at dawn, TV channels said. Strict restrictions on people's movements was imposed in major towns of Indian Kashmir early on Saturday in anticipation of protests against the hanging. REUTERS/Danish Ismail

    View PhotoReuters/Reuters – An Indian policeman patrols a deserted road during restriction in Srinagar February 9, 2013. India has executed a Kashmiri militant who was sentenced to death 10 years ago for an attack on …more 


NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India hanged a Kashmiri man on Saturday for an attack on the country’s parliament in 2001, sparking clashes in Kashmir between protesters and police who wielded batons and fired teargas. Dozens of people were injured.

President Pranab Mukherjee rejected a mercy petition fromMohammad Afzal Guru and he was hanged at 8 a.m. (0230 GMT) in Tihar jail in the capital, New Delhi. Security forces anticipating unrest had imposed a curfew in parts of insurgency-torn Kashmir and ordered people off the streets.

Guru, from the Indian part of divided Kashmir, was convicted of helping organize arms…

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Kashmir- My isolated existence

I woke up this morning to an NDTV news update on my iPad which said Afzal Guru had been hanged. It took me a while to take in this news. I remember hearing about this guy when I was a kid, so many years had passed. It was when a strike had been called for because Afzal Guru had been sentenced to death. I read and tried to find out what this was all about. I concluded and believed; Afzal Guru was innocent of what he had been charged with. Afzal Guru was not hanged. Years passed and I forgot about this man, no news of him. He continued to live, a life where he did not belong, his family left alone to suffer.

It was  a few months back that I came across this online petition which aimed at getting justice delivered to Afzal Guru. So many memories of…

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After the December 13, 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament, the government said it was an attack on India’s sovereignty, and those involved would be shown no mercy.

On December 16 — barely three days after the attack — the police presented Mohammed Afzal, his cousin Shaukat Hussain, and S.A.R. Geelani to the media along with a stunningly detailed brief that was in sum the prosecution’s case.

Within six months, Mohammed Afzal and the others, including Shaukat’s pregnant wife Afsan, went on trial on charges of conspiracy to commit acts of terror and waging war against the state.

Anyone conversant with how this case was prosecuted will admit that where Mohammed Afzal was concerned there was a presumption of guilt. He had nothing that amounted to legal representation. The lawyer first appointed to represent him admitted as evidence — without consulting him — documents that were used against him…

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