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Rikshaa Republic

This was written in response to a friend’s comment on a FB thread.

1) Taking words like ‘national sovereignty’ and ‘attack on the nation’ out for a minute (why should the parliament–given not its place in the national ideology but actual everyday work–be considered more of a symbol of our nation than a temple, mosque, housing colony, or market?), let us see the case for what it was: a handful of gunmen gaining forceful entry and spraying bullets, managing to kill nine security personnel during the shootout and getting killed. Then, it emerges that this person was part of the larger story, and may have helped the attackers gain access to a few artefacts used in the event. Does this alone mean the person deserves to be hanged? It is not an abstract question when other murderers, multiple rapists, instigators and leaders of ‘riots’ having killed and brutalized hundreds are…

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