Portrait of a Kashmiri woman — Joshi Daniel Photography

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Targets for first time in Valley’s unrest, policemen walk faultlines in Kashmir — The Indian Express

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via Targets for first time in Valley’s unrest, policemen walk faultlines in Kashmir — The Indian Express

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HOW THEY (Kashmiries) DO IT.”Giving Farewell to Pakistani and Local martyrs in Kashmir is not easy. “

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Syed Tajamul ImraN

How they do it. Giving Farewell to Pakistani and Local martyrs in Kashmir is not easy.


Kashmiri Muslim villagers carry the body of suspected militant Nissar Ahmed Wani, during his funeral procession in Adipora, northwest of Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015. Indian government forces killed a suspected rebel in a gunbattle Wednesday in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, officials said. (AP Photo/Dar Yasin)

Tearful Farewells to the martyrs Of Kashmir Freedom struggle:-

Just to give them (martyrs) a big tribute Risking there Lives they (Kashmiries) left there house early in the morning sometimes late in the evening, with stones in there Hands so that they can give indian Forces a reply to their bullets, they cover there faces with a piece of cloth, they travel 100 km’s from one corner to another and with there love and risks they participate in the Funerals and last riots of “Martyrs” with tears and dream of #Aazadi in there eyes, pain and hope of Aazadi in heart they participate in thousands and lakhs.   

Special Graveyards for our “martyrs”:-

#Kashmir known for its beauty, brotherhood, Resistance and other such things but like some other parts of…

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Seminar Held On ‘Legal Status of IHK: Article 370 And Ambitions of BJP Govt’

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By News Desk

Islamabad – “According to UN resolutions, Jammu & Kashmir is disputed territory. It is the oldest issue on UN agenda. Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) never fully merged with India in 1947 and its only link remains article 370 which itself is illegal according to international laws. BJP’s government ambitions are to change the demography of IHK and turn Muslim majority areas into Hindu majority areas just like in Jammu, due to massacre of Muslims by Indian troops, Muslims are now in minority. 27th October will remain black day until the plebiscite is practiced in Jammu & Kashmir.”

These views were shared by the speakers during the round table discussion on “Legal Status of Indian Held Kashmir (IHK): Article 370 & Ambitions of BJP Government” organized by MUSLIM Institute on Wednesday 28th September at National Library, Islamabad. Chief Executive CISS, Ambassador Ali Sarwar Naqvi presided over the session…

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Meeting at the middle ground – Kashmir issue

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S.O.S. Kashmir

History has shown the neighbours can agree on trade and visas. Demilitarisation and self-government are also achievable.

It is a surreal experience to look back through old newspapers published in India and Pakistan. Dog-eared pages from the past have headlines which echo events today. Peace is always about to break out between the two countries, yet war is just around the corner. Delhi and Islamabad are always talking about talking with each other, but rarely ever doing it for real.

“Intractable” is the word most often used to describe the relationship between India and Pakistan, at the heart of which is the dispute over the territory of Jammu and Kashmir, larger in size than France. India and Pakistan have fought four wars, three of them over Pakistan’s desire to capture Kashmir Valley, held by India.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown extreme keenness in India’s foreign policy towards the…

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JKPFL holds protest in Srinagar against Udhampur incident; Ramzan Khan others arrested

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Akhtar Mohi-ud-Din

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